Hello!  I am Lynnette Marable – the mama behind Maternally Speaking.  I am a wife and mother of two, soon to be three.  After having my daughter at the tender age of 19, I spent much of her early childhood years as a single mom, working a full time and part time job while attending school full time.

Fast forward 11 years and I was married, had a baby boy and decided to be a stay at home mom. Each pregnancy and child has brought its own unique learning experiences.  With my daughter, I relied heavily on what I saw other moms around me doing and my extensive babysitting experience as my mommy manual.  I didn’t realize that I was not really making any parenting decisions on my own, rather blindly following traditions and what seemed acceptable.  I honestly did not even know all that I didn’t know.  By the time I got pregnant with my son, I had started transitioning to a more holistic lifestyle.  So naturally, I wanted to incorporate this new way of life into my pregnancy and parenting style.  This led to me spending countless hours reading and researching various topics.  Often times, I had no idea where to start or what I was really even looking for.  I found mommy bloggers and influencers who were sharing their experiences to be super helpful with pointing me in the right direction to do my own digging.  Sometimes I came across things that I wanted to know more about and other times I came across things that I had absolutely no interest in exploring – both equally valuable.

Maternally Speaking is my way of pouring back into the community that has been such a cornerstone in my motherhood journey.  I created this virtual space to connect with mamas through shared experiences.  This circle of understanding is designed to empower women to mother their own way with confidence.  Yes, motherhood is beautiful and rewarding and most of us wouldn’t it trade it for the world but IT. IS. HARD.  All moms deserve to be uplifted as we strive to make the best decisions for our family – whatever our best may be. There is no such thing as a parenting expert, but we are all experts on our own experiences.  Maternally Speaking is here to saturate mamas with relatable experiences and transparency because even in the most challenging situations we can find power, comfort, support and love in solidarity.  Welcome!